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Anything from advice for beginning vermicomposters with the Vermicomposting 101 Series or interviews with experts, the Urban Worm Blog has you covered!


Vermicomposting 101: What Happens In A Worm Bin?

New vermicomposters worry that their two-week old bin isn't producing castings and that they may be doing it wrong. Things look fine and smell fine, but the worms aren't "destroying" the food like we think they should. If most beginners think of vermicomposting the...

The Urban Worm Bag is Now Available in Europe!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Urban Worm Bag is now available in Europe via! It's a home- or apartment-sized continuous flow worm bin where you simply feed your worms through the top zipper and harvest worm castings a few months later from the...

The 2019 Vermicomposter's Starter Guide

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Your roadmap to a successful beginning in vermicomposting.

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