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board1and2litWell I’ve been using the Worm Warming Board for a couple weeks now and thought I’d give an update. Not wanting the lights to come into direct contact with the bedding, I placed a layer of weed guard and cardboard on top of the bed first before laying the board on top of the bed.

This wasn’t enough protection for the bed as the surface of the bed got up around 95F.

Not good.  I didn’t want it “working” this well!

I just ordered a pluggable inline dimmer so I can deliver a more appropriate level of heat, but in the meantime, I think placing the board upside down but covered with a tarp will provide a more indirect source of heat, yet still capture some of the warmth created by the incandescent rope lighting.  So far so good as the temperature of the top layer of the bed is in the mid-60s, but I’d like to keep it 70+ if possible.

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