The Urban Worm Bag is Now Available in Europe!

I’m thrilled to announce that the Urban Worm Bag is now available in Europe via!

It’s a home- or apartment-sized continuous flow worm bin where you simply feed your worms through the top zipper and harvest worm castings a few months later from the bottom. The worms are never disturbed as they continuously move into the layers of food waste above, leaving their castings behind.

In the summer of 2018, David Witzeneder of e-mailed and asked if I was interested in having him be my European distributor. After learning about David and his existing product, I jumped at the chance!

We got to know each other better at the 2018 NCSU Vermiculture Conference and it made me even more excited to develop a long-term partnership with him! David was featured in a TED Talk in Austria and also appeared on Austria’s version of Shark Tank

Until the end of January 2018, WormSystems is offering Urban Worm Company readers a discount of 20€ on the Urban Worm Bag and for orders of 150€ or more, free shipping is available to all EU countries except Switzerland.

Also, the Urban Worm Bag is now available on with free shipping for Prime members.


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