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The hardest of hardcore worm freaks might love sifting through academic studies, detailing the relative N-P-K of various soils, composts, and growing mediums.  If you want to do this, knock yourself out.  But Mary Ann Smith, a new addition to BenWorm Poop Prooftley Christie’s Redworm Composting Facebook Group (Bentley runs a very popular and helpful vermicomposting blog), posted just about the most concise case for using vermicompost in your garden that you’ll find. Using a peat moss/vermiculite germination mix, Mary Ann had four test groups using 0% (control), 5%, 10%, and 20% vermicompost-to-germinating mix ratios.  The results after 16 days couldn’t be clearer.  Each step higher in relative vermicompost strength correlates with more robust growth.

It’s easy to look for new angles to prove why worm poop rocks.  But the simplest demonstrations are still the best.  Way to go Mary Ann!