Urban Worm Inaugural

red-wiggler-poundWelcome to the Urban Worm Company!

I hope this site will be many things: informative, entertaining, and helpful in your vermicomposting and vermiculture efforts.  I also hope the site is easy to use.  If there is one gripe I have among 90% of the worm farming or worm compost websites, it is that they are difficult to use and understand, which makes one wonder if the site’s owner is more interested in letting you know how much he knows, rather than presenting his info for public consumption.

If Urban Worm Company  is an easy-to-find, and easy-to-use resource for your earthworm farming needs, then it will be a success.  While words like lumbricus terrestris or eisenia fetida sound great a t cocktail parties, most people looking for worm composting solutions aren’t looking for a lesson in Latin or what phyla earthworms belong to.  Theysimply want accessible information on how to purchase, feed, house, and care for their worms.

If you’re interested in recycling your food waste into the richest natural fertilizer available, why not try a pound of red wigglers?  Enjoy our ready source of support via e-mail and this blog.

Let’s get started!

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