Let's Start a Worm Farm

For Beginners

Starting a worm bin and keeping the worms happily composting your food scraps and organic waste is easy - and fun!

The key to successful vermicomposting is patience and an understanding that your bin needs an ample amount of carbon-rich bedding material along with the nitrogen-rich food waste and manures that you're excited to start turning into worm castings.

Use this page - and the linked resources - to fill your brain with the best vermicomposting information on the interwebs!

On this page, you’ll find links to Urban Worm Company articles and material to keep you on the right path. Whether you want to start a new worm bin, or maintain an existing worm farm, we’ve got resources, videos, and blog articles to help you on your vermicomposting journey!

Use our quick links to skip down to whatever vermicomposting content you’re looking for.

Happy worming!

Beginner Resources

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    Starter Guide to Vermicomposting Cover

    Download the Beginner's Guide to Vermicomposting

    The Vermicomposter's Starter Guide is written to acquaint you with the following topics that beginning worm composters need to know:

    • The Benefits of Vermicomposting
    • Vermicomposting vs Composting
    • Choosing Your Worms
    • Starting Your Bin
    • Maintaining Optimal Conditions
    • How to Harvest

    Take this guide and print it or share it with friends!

    Featured Image for Ultimate Guide to Vermicomposting Post

    Read the Ultimate Guide to Vermicomposting

    This 10,000+ word blog post is a comprehensive introduction to worm composting covering everything from:

    • basic definitions
    • how vermicomposting is different from composting
    • earthworm basics
    • how to set up a worm bin
    • how to choose worm bedding
    • how to choose a worm bin
    • how to maintain conditions in the worm bin
    • the financial opportunities of vermicomposting and vermiculture

    Read the Ultimate Guide

    The Basics of Vermicomposting Featured Image

    Read the Rest of Our Beginner Content

    We created a list of beginner-level articles for the new vermicomposter or for the experienced vermicomposter who needs a refresher.

    It's got the stuff new vermicomposters need to know.

    Vermicomposting vs Composting
    How to Start a Worm Bin
    Ultimate Guide to Vermicomposting
    Read All Vermicomposting Articles