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Visual Evidence of the Benefits of Vermicompost I’m thrilled to start selling worm castings and freshly harvested vermicompost in the Philadelphia area.  My facility is located in Montgomery County, PA which is also very convenient to Delaware, Bucks, and Philadelphia counties.

Worm castings are an insanely effective organic fertilizer for your garden and especially any plants grown in containers where the nutrient-rich microbe fest can’t leach out to the surrounding soil.

The benefits of worm castings include:

  • Slow nutrient release
  • Increased microbial populations
  • Increased microbial diversity
  • Pathogen suppression
  • Pest suppression
  • Disease suppression
  • Aids in decomposition of organic matters
  • Plant growth regulation
  • Earlier flowering
  • Greater yield

Because worm castings and vermicompost (which is basically castings plus undigested organic material) can hold up to 4 times their own weight in water, the ethical way to sell them is by volume — in 5-10 gallon increments — rather than weight.

There aren’t many worm castings/vermicompost producers in the Philadelphia area, so I’m real happy to start offering this product.

Check out the pricing here!