Wormz Organics, a business started just this past February has gone under, its shady owner leaving behind a trail of angry farmers and a pile of unsold worm castings, yet again reminding everyone why the earthworm industry has a reputation used car dealers would cringe at.

At least 115 people signed up to be associate growers, said an AG from Statesville who did not want his name revealed. For a $4,950 start-up fee, participants got 60 pounds of worms, 100 bins, bedding and food for a year and technical support, he said. They would farm the worms at their homes, and Wormz Organic would then buy the organic soil produced by the worms.

Jennifer Langford is listed as the “registered agent” of the company, according to state documents. She said in a Facebook post obtained by The Independent Tribune that Lawhorne told her the company had contracts with Fortune 500 companies to buy the worm castings from the AGs.”

“To this day the only castings that have been sold were sold to locals at farmers markets,” she told the AGs in the Facebook post. “He solely was running this company into the ground by not doing his end of selling the castings . . . .

Peachy . . . .


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