I'm getting pretty excited for the launch of The Urban Worm Directory!

It's Going to Be Awesome If You're Looking To Buy Worms or Worm Castings

Using Google Maps, buyers are going to have an awesome resource for where to buy worms and worm castings.  And if you don't want to pay for shipping, this will help you find worm sellers near you who offer local pickup.  And anyone – not just businesses –  will be able to list themselves, free of charge.

Enter yourself or your business in The Urban Worm Directory!

 . . . . And Awesome If You're Looking To Sell Worms

Listing yourself on The Urban Worm Directory is super simple.  Just let me know who you are, where you are, how you can be reached and what you have to sell.  Let me know the prices for 1lb of worms or 5lbs of castings to give prospective buyers an idea of your pricing and you're all set.  Just give me a day or two to check whether your address is legitimate and to correct any typos and I'll publish you to the directory!

One Caveat

The prices on here aren't binding.  I simply don't have a way to validate everyone's pricing.  But I will be responsive to feedback and make sure there's as little false advertising as possible and where necessary, remove unethical sellers from the directory altogether.

Site Owners!  Send Me Your Logo!

After The Urban Worm Directory launches and we've got a few weeks under our belt, I am going to offer sellers the ability to customize your pin on the map by adding your logo (the size and shape must be appropriate for use as a pin).  This will help you stand out a little more and get some brand recognition.

There is no charge for this.

But I will ask that you honor my request to link to The Urban Worm Directory from your home page (I assume if you have a logo, you have a website, right?).  This is beneficial for you AND Urban Worm Company.  The directory will rank higher in search engines, which will then get more eyeballs on your logo, which will link back to your site.  Win-Win.

If you're interested in getting more exposure like this, just follow this link and fill out the simple form and I will let you know when it's ready to go!





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