How Do I Know If My Vermicompost is Ready to Harvest?

A common vermicomposting conundrum is how to recognize when your vermicompost is finished and ready to harvest your worm castings.  This is a tough question, especially if you don’t have a system like the Worm Inn Mega, which allows you empty the finished contents from below, where worm castings will tend to settle.

The question gets tougher when you are shifting the goal posts by continuing to add new food (and hopefully bedding.)  This ensures your vermicompost is never really “finished.”

Let’s say you started vermicomposting a few months ago, didn’t kill your worms a couple times like I did, and have been diligently recycling your food scraps into black gold for your garden.


What should you be looking for to decide now is the time to harvest? See More!