How Texas Worm Ranch Produces 10,000 Lbs of Vermicompost Per Month

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to interview Heather Rinaldi of the Texas Worm Ranch.  As luck would have it, Heather and I hit it off over our e-mail exchanges and that interview turned out to be one of my most popular yet.Heather-Rinaldi

Though vermicomposters tend to be very knowledgeable about what worm castings do for soil and plants, Heather has a next-level grasp on why the microbiology of vermicompost, especially her fungal-dominant variety, is so beneficial for plant growth, pathogen suppression, water retention, and soil remediation.

My “day job” as an pilot for Southwest Airlines requires that I make an annual trip to Dallas each year to demonstrate that I’m no danger to the flying public.  So I was more than pleased when Heather offered to give me a tour of the Texas Worm Ranch on my latest visit in August. See More!