Black Soldier Fly Larvae: Pest or Partner?

As if the potential “ick factor” with worms wasn’t enough, some vermicomposters have moved beyond earthworms to eradicating organic waste with the Black Soldier Fly Larvae, a nice way of saying maggots.  I resisted learning more about BSFL because a man in the suburbs has his limits.

Many vermicomposters I speak to, especially those in warmer climates, encounter BSFL in their bins by accident.  At some point, the Black Soldier Flies themselves found themselves a nice worm bin, laid their eggs and left, only to die themselves no more than 8 days later.

People post pictures of the larvae on the extremely helpful Facebook groups, wondering what these “pests” are and how to get rid of them.  Hell, I’d probably want to get rid of them too. See More!