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The Urban Worm Bag

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The Urban Worm Bag

The Urban Worm Bag – No Frame

Vermicomposting has never been easier. Simply feed the Urban Worm Bag through the top and collect worm castings through the bottom just a few short months later.

The Urban Worm Bag’s water-resistant yet breathable construction keeps worms happy and productive while producing a vibrant vermicompost that literally adds life back to your soil.

Feeling a little handy?

Save a few bucks and buy the Urban Worm Bag without the frame.

Design your own frame or use the plans provided with this very affordable way to own the “UWB!”

Steep discounts on multi-packs!

Discounted Bundles

If you’re buying more than just the Urban Worm Bag, why not save by bundling our most popular products?

Vermicompost – Worm Castings

Grown and harvested in the local Philadelphia area!

Freshly harvested within the last 2 weeks. Local pickup only. Please e-mail us to arrange bulk shipment.

Composting Worms

Our supplier is the industry leader when it comes to customer service and species purity, and let’s just say, they often ship a little more than ordered…..for good measure!