Sale on Urban Worm Bag with No Frame

Perfect for DIYers who want to build their own frame! For a limited time, buy, the Urban Worm Bag without the frame for $40 less than the full unit.

Urban Worm Bag

A breathable fabric bag suspended from a sturdy, but lightweight iron frame, employing the simple but effective continuous flow through concept.

Easy Harvesting

The Urban Worm Bag’s marine-grade nylon coil zippers allow for a controlled release of castings at harvest time.

Dead Simple Assembly

No tools or glue! The Urban Worm Bag will arrive with all required parts and crystal clear assembly instructions.

Heavy Duty Construction

From the nylon zippers to the iron frame to the 900D Oxford fabric with a polyurethane coating, the Urban Worm Bag is built to last. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. If the materials or workmanship fail, I will replace what is needed!

Open Box Item Sale!

I have an open box Urban Worm Bag available. It is an unused Bag and frame with all of the required parts. This won’t last long!
  • Sale!

    Urban Worm Bag – No Frame

  • Sale!

    Urban Worm Bag – Open Box Item

    $109.00 $95.00

Amount Vermicomposted Today: 28293 lbs

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