Urban Worm Bag

Get the most updated version of the breathable, durable Urban Worm Bag Version 2, the premier in continuous flow through design for home worm bins!

Easy feeding and easy harvesting.

Enjoy our lifetime warranty and incredible customer service.

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Worm Bedding & Supplies for Any Worm Bin

Both Urban Worm Coco Coir and Urban Worm Bedding by Pitt Moss™ are excellent choices for worm bedding. 2 bricks of coco coir or one bag of Urban Worm bedding are perfect quantities to start an Urban Worm Bag, but can be used in any worm bin!

The digital thermometer also helps you monitor the temperature in your bin accurately in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Composting Worms

Buy Red Wigglers and European Nightcrawlers, shipped free anywhere in the lower 48! Available at reduced price as an add-on to an Urban Worm Bag purchase or as part of the Vermicomposter's Startup Bundle.

Urban Worm Company Merch!

Get the “World Famous” Urban Worm Company T-Shirt and let the world know you're part of the Urban Worm Nation!

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