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Michigan SoilWorks

Michigan SoilWorks is a Detroit-area startup producing an efficient CFT (Continuous Flow Through) vermicomposting system – the best design and lowest cost available.

The modular 8x4’ units allow for expanding over time, so operators can increase capacity as needed. Constructed for long life durability from steel and polypropylene - no wood. Hand winch or electric (112v) drive options available. Contact us today!

Website: https://www.michigansoilworks.com

E-Mail: [email protected]


Novi, MI 48377
United States

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Commercial CFT - 8x4 ft sections expandable to any length. Visit MichiganSoilWorks.com for pricing and info. Call 248-938-9311

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Maker of the Michigan SoilWorks CFT Continuous Flow Through vermicomposting system, and other innovative, labor-saving equipment for commercial vermicomposting operations