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Why Should You Vermicompost?

Vermicomposting at home, school, or office is the purest form of recycling, full-stop.

Food waste is by far the heaviest form of household waste, meaning it is the most costly in terms of carbon cost to truck it away.

And unlike recycling paper, plastic, or glass, you can do it at home.

Why Use a Continuous Flow Worm Bin?

A continuous flow worm bin like the Urban Worm Bag leverages the worms' tendency to remain in the upper few inches of their habitat.

In most DIY bins, this means disturbing the worms in order to tediously separate the worms from the worm castings.

The Urban Worm Bag's bottom opening allows for easy castings harvesting without disturbing the worm workers above.

Why Choose the Urban Worm Bag?

Because of innovative design and ridiculous customer service.

I am always striving to find ways to improve the vermicomposting process for beginners and the Urban Worm Bag does just that by making the harvesting process a breeze.

And I'm proud of the fact that the Urban Worm Company has a reputation for over-the-top customer service. Problem with your UWB? I'll send you a new one or come up with a solution that keeps you happy.

Attention Teachers!

The Urban Worm Company offers a Teacher's Guide to Vermicomposting and discounts on  the Urban Worm Bag for educators to start vermicomposting food waste in the classroom!

Urban Worm Bag 2.0

The Durable, Breathable, Simple Worm Composting Solution

With The Frame


  • most popular option

  • all-in-one solution

  • requires an even, level surface

Without The Frame

$79 $59

  • build your own rock solid frame

  • DIY solution, plans available

  • best for uneven or pitched surfaces

Easy Harvesting

The updated Urban Worm Bag has fabric loops to help assist in easily opening the zipper

New Feature! Interior Drawstring Enclosure

The new version of the Urban Worm Bag features an interior enclosure, cinched shut by a drawstring, which protects the zipper against grit and calcifications

Dead Simple Assembly

No tools or glue! The Urban Worm Bag will arrive with all required parts and crystal clear assembly instructions.

Urban Worm Bag

A breathable fabric bag suspended from a sturdy, but lightweight iron frame, employing the simple but effective continuous flow through concept. New features added in September 2018 are now standard on the Urban Worm Bag.

Heavy Duty Construction

From the nylon zippers to the iron frame to the 900D Oxford fabric with a polyurethane coating, the Urban Worm Bag is built to last. It also comes with a lifetime warranty. If the materials or workmanship fail, I will replace what is needed!

Urban Worm Bag with No Frame

Perfect for DIYers who want to build their own frame! Buy the Urban Worm Bag without the frame for much less than the full unit. Recommended if you’re going to assemble the Urban Worm Bag on an uneven surface.

Urban Worm Bundles

Free shipping anywhere in the lower 48!

Perfect for anyone from a beginner to an aspiring entrepreneur. Easy-to-follow tips for newbies and interviews with the pros.

The Urban Worm Bag is Now Available in Europe!

I'm thrilled to announce that the Urban Worm Bag is now available in Europe via! It's a home- or apartment-sized continuous flow worm bin where you simply feed your worms through the top zipper and harvest worm castings a few months later from the...

2018 Vermiculture Conference Trip Report

Phew! The 19th Annual Vermiculture Conference in Raleigh is in the books! It was an absolutely incredible weekend with lots of camaraderie, beer, networking, speakers, coffee, beer, food, and getting to know fellow worm heads. And more beer or tequila…..for some of us...

The Urban Worm Bag is Coming to Canada!

Update: The Urban Worm Bag is now available on! Once you buy it, send an e-mail to and I'll send you a MUCH better instruction manual than you will get with your purchase. I'm thrilled to announce that the Urban Worm Bag will soon...

Urban Worm Bag 1.0 vs 2.0

Firstly, thank you to all of my existing customers who trusted me enough to purchase Version 1.0 of the Urban Worm Bag. 2018 has truly been a blessing so far. I have enjoyed my interactions with you and receiving your feedback about what you loved about the Urban Worm...

The 2019 Vermicomposter's Starter Guide

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Your roadmap to a successful beginning in vermicomposting.

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