Worm Inn Mega

Hands down, the Worm Inn Mega is the most popular vermicomposting bin on the market today.  Add food and bedding at the top, and harvest finished castings at the bottom, much like a continuous flow-through digester (except without the massive price tag).

Stinky vermicompost is anaerobic vermicompost.  That doesn’t happen with a properly maintained Worm Inn Mega, thanks to its breathable top, sides, and bottom that ensure ample air flow to all sections of your worm bin.

There’s also no tedious method of separating your worms from the finished vermicompost.  Simply loosen the drawstring and collect your worm castings from the bottom.

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The 2017 Guide to Getting Started with Vermicomposting


Start on the right foot with the ultimate how-to for the beginning vermicomposter. Get it now.

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